Acerta is your one-stop shop

Are you starting up a company and looking to go international? That’s brilliant! Building your own business in another EU country should be as easy as it is in Belgium. Thanks to the European Services Directive, which has guaranteed free movement of services since it came into force in December 2009, prospective start-ups can engage the services of one central point of contact in each European member state. In Belgium, your one-stop shop is Acerta! 

Bye bye Kafka!

Since 2009, all EU countries have been required to remove any legal and administrative barriers to start-ups. So anyone who is setting up or expanding a business no longer needs to contact various institutions at different levels. Each EU member state now has its own one-stop shop, which gives you all the information you need and sorts out the necessary authorisations. In Belgium, you go to an accredited single point of contact – such as Acerta! 

We provide information and take care of all the start-up formalities and applications for authorisation required under the European Services Directive. You can also rely on us for all subsequent changes, expansions or cessation of activities. 

On the Belgian website of the European Services Directive (, you can find a summary of all the procedures and requirements for companies wishing to set up or run a business in Belgium. 



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